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What's electronegativity?
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
By: David R. Lide

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

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If you are looking to learn chemistry, Look to the master:
General Chemistry by Linus Pauling
General Chemistry by Linus Pauling

An amazing text, and one of our very favorites!
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Moving your mouse over an element will pop up a small window with basic information about that element.

The pop up window may be moved and resized as you wish. Contents of the pop up window are changed to reflect the data for the element under the mouse as it moves from element to element.

Detailed information on an element may be found by clicking on the element.

To close the pop-up window using Internet Explorer click the green background in the table.

To close the pop-up window using using Netscape Navigator, close the pop-up window by clicking on the pop-up's "X" (close) button (in the upper right.) If you close the pop-up window incorrectly you will have to reload/refresh the page to resume using it.

For another Periodic Table try the PTE at TLA.hypermart.net


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